The Weekend (Feat. Daft Punk)
25 Nov 2016 | R&B


1. Describe your personality*
2. What is your best attribute that you will bring to this company?*
3. Do you have bartending experience?*

If no, please skip ahead to question #10.

4. If so, please describe the environment that you've bartending in the past and for how long you were working there.
5. Did you work with beer or liquor?
6. Did you ever deal with food?
7. What sort of rush are you accustomed to handling?
8. Describe what you feel is necessary for adequate customer service.
9. Are you accustomed to free-pouring?

10. Please list the required ingredients to the following:

Long Island Iced Tea:*
Cuba Libre:*
Sex on the Beach:*
Cape Cod:*
Tequila Sunrise:*
11. Name 3 signs that indicate when a customer needs to be cut off.*
12. When do you ask a guest if they want/need another drink?*
13. When is it appropriate to drink with a customer on the clock?*

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